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Intelligent Charger Pile

Feature of product

1. DC Charging Post provides DC charging voltage up to 60KW

2. User Interface with Color touch-screen LCD monitor
3. Real-time Charging Voltage, Current and Time displays in

4. Max and Min voltage and temperature on individual cell display in the battery pack

5. Charging parameter settings are able to directly changed on the touch-screen monitor.
6. Charging post also provide auxiliary 12V power source for BMS module in the EV.

7. Dual Charging Guns(adaptors) available for two EVs charging simultaneously.

8. Automatic and Manual charging Modes:

a. In the Automatic mode, Charging post can complete the charging automatically based on the data preset by BMS module in the EV.

b. In the Manual mode, user can adjust the charging parameters on the touch-screen LCD monitor and complete the charging.

9. Two Canbus interfaces available provided by the Charging Post. Through Canbus interface, it can handshake and communicate many critical charging parameters with the BMS module in the EV.

10. Protection features: IOVP, IUVP, Phase lacking, OVP, OCP, Short and OTP.


Parameters Specifications Remark
750V 60KW  750V 120KW
Model DJY-EVC04-60 DJY-EVC03-120  
Input Voltage  380V±15%  380V±15%  Standard 380V
 Option 220V
Phase   Three-phase
Frequency  50/60HZ±10%HZ  50/60HZ±10%HZ  
Output Voltage Range  100-750V  100-750V   Continuous Programmable
Output Current Range  0-100A  0-200A   Continuous Programmable
Rated Output Power  60KW  120KW   Maximum power output only with > 600V output
Voltage Output Accuracy  ≦0.2%  ≦0.2%   Full Range
Output Current Accuracy  ≧30A : ≦±0.5%  ≧30A : ≦±0.5%  
<30A : ≦±0.1A <30A : ≦±0.1A
Voltage Regulation Accuracy  ≦0.2%  ≦0.2%   Full Range
Current Regulation Accuracy  ≦0.5%  ≦0.5%   Full Range
Ripple  ≦0.5%  ≦0.5%  
Overall Efficiency  ≧94%  ≧94%  
Dialectical Insulation  ≧10MΩ  ≧10MΩ   Test Voltage 1000Vdc
Acoustic Noise  ≦55dB  ≦55dB  
Ingress Protection  IP54  IP54  
Cooling   Forced Air cooling   Forced Air cooling